The Good Soap Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we get asked the most!

This page covers questions that The Good Soap gets asked frequently. Hopefully you can find the answer to your query here. 

  • My hair feels 'waxy' or not right after using the shampoo bar, what is happening, how long will this last? We cannot predict how long this will last for each person as everyone varies. Please read about the transition process here 
  • Do you make samples? Unfortunately we don't, this is mostly for technical and environmental reason. See here for why we don't make samples.
  • Postal Questions? Please see The Good Soap postgae policy.
  • Do you make a conditioner bar? No I don't because The Good Soap shampoo bars do not require a separate conditioner. For more information please read more about using a shampoo bar,.
  • How do I use and store my moisturiser bar
  • How do I use and store my deodorant bar? 
  • Do you make a hand soap? No we don't, our bars are multi functional, if you want smaller bars you can easily cut the 90g standard bar in half or quarters to use at different sinks.
  • Are your bars suitable for use on face? All of our soap bars are suitable for face apart from our pumice soaps.
  • Are your products safety tested? Yes The Good Soap products all hold CPSR certificates which means they are tested and are safe for use as a topical cosmetic product, in line with EU regulations. 
  • Are your bars suitable for children and babies? We have a baby soap which has been certified as safe from newborn upwards. Please see here for our children's soaps.
  • Can I visit the workshop? This is no longer possible unfortunately due to health and safety considerations. 
  • Do bars contain parabens, sls or palm oil? The answer is no, please follow this link to see how The Good Soap bars are made.
  • What weight are the products? 
  • Shampoo / Soap bars - 90g *
  • Salt Bars - 120g *
  • Shaving Bars - 90g *
  • Deodorant bars  - 90g
  • Moisturiser bars - 85g
  • Lip Balms - 20g
  • Moisturising Skin Balms - 90g
  • Baby Soap - 90g *
  • Facial Cleansers - 95ml

* Due to natural shrinkage and water loss handmade soaps can sometimes lose a little of their weight during curing. If this is the case you are still getting all of the benefits of a more condensed and harder soap with less water. At The Good Soap we do not add any extra ingredients to 'bulk out' our soaps. 

  • I have allergy concerns. All ingredients, and naturally occurring allergens which can be found in some essential oils, are listed underneath each bar so you can see exactly what you are using. Here is our allergen information
  • Why is the Lye not listed in the ingredients? This is because the lye changes composition during the saponification process and therefore is no longer in existence in the final product.