Certification of Soaps and Cosmetic Products

We are proud members of The Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers - registration number 8561. This is because we have dedication to ensuring the safety of our products and are dedicated to the upkeep of this.

All of our hand made soaps and skincare products each hold a CPSR.

Cosmetic product safety reports (CPSR) are a report on a cosmetic product that states whether the product is safe. All recipes that we develop are assessed by safety assessors in their field of expertise before they are put on sale. 

What does this report cover? (this list is not exhaustive)

  • All of the raw ingredients in the product
  • Stability
  • Shelf life
  • Packaging compatibility
  • Colour, smell, apprearance, viscosity, pH, flammability
  • Microbiological quality (we don't want bacteria or fungi to grow within the product)
  • Contaminants
  • Normal use of product
  • Physical exposure - where, when, how often, age, amount etc
  • Toxicological - irritation, allergy etc
  • Side effects
  • Conclusion - safe or not

A CPSR contains a lot of information, including very sensitive, confidential information. Therefore, this report may not be shared with everyone, because the product formula is also described in it, but by law each product sold must hold one.

In the UK there are selected companies who issue these CPSR's. To obtain these we follow the process:

  • We develop our recipe
  • We submit, via online documentation, our recipes to the assessor
  • The recipes are then assessed for all of the above
  • If any changes are required, tweeks to measurements for example, we are informed, make the changes and resubmit
  • Once the assessment is complete the reports are sent to us for our records

You can rest assured that all of The Good Soap products are assessed to be safe to use.