Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter Moisturiser Balms & Lip Balms

Light Hydrating Soothing Facial Moisturisers

Collection: Moisturising skin balms are suitable for face and body

Available in an aluminium tin.

The Good Soap moisturising skin balms contain all natural ingredients that have been chosen to soften and take care of your skin. To use the balm from tin rub the surface with your finger to warm and soften and then apply a minimal amount to skin, from push up just rub on. All contain Vitamin E, are suitable for face and body and they work well directly underneath make up as a smooth base.

  • Tinned Balms are 85g

Our lip balms are super kind to the soft skin on your lips, to nourish, moisturise and protect from the elements. The Good Soap lip balms come to you in a handy screw top tin which is pefect for a handbag or pocket.

  • Each lip balm contains pure Vitamin E oil, a powerful antioxidant which hydrates, nourishes and protects
  • Essential oils for their unique properties
  • All are Vegan Friendly
  • Weight 20g

    Moisturising skin balms are suitable for face and body
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