Packaging and Recycling Policy

The Good Soap Packaging and Recycling Policy

At The Good Soap we are a minimal packaging company, unfortunately packaging is a part of life and unavoidable when running an online business.

As a business we obviously receive deliveries ourselves - and boxes, bags, tape delivered to us are either reused, recycled or disposed of in the correct manner. We have a little shed extension where items are saved and then either reused or recycled as appropriate. Any parcel paper that we use is recycled, I always purchase rolls of recycled paper, or I reuse it from parcels that I have received. 

When you receive your parcel in one of our brown cardboard boxes it can be opened without tearing and you can reuse it, if you don't want to reuse it please recycle it. We sometimes send out your parcels in boxes we have received deliveries in here, therefore minimising waste or the need to recycle. Again any 'stuffing' or 'fillers' we may use in your parcels will be recycled by us from a parcel we have received.

We use fully recyclable paper tape on your parcels.

All packaging on your bars is recyclable, reusable or compostable. Clear bags for deodorants and moisturiser bars can be disposed of in your food waste bins or compost heap.

Aluminium bottles from the cleansers are recyclable along with the label. The cleanser label is also biodegradable. 

Thank you!