Swapping to a Shampoo Bar, quick tips!

Quick tips on making transition easier

Some people will go through a transitional phase when swapping from bottled shampoo and conditioner. The reason this happens is quite varied, from gender to age to hormones and more - this page is simply for tips on what to do if your hair takes some adjustment, click HERE if you'd like to read the full article about why this happens. 

If you have used your Good Soap shampoo bar, or any other shampoo bar, for the first time and your hair feels 'waxy' or not right then your hair will be experiencing a transition / readjustment period as you change from bottle to bar here are a couple of tips on how you can help to fix this.

  • After washing your hair twice with the bar (no conditioner required) use some diluted Apple Cider Vinegar where you would normally use your conditioner. You won't have to do this forever, just for the first few washes with the new bar. Put a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of warm water and massage through your hair as you would conditioner, then rinse out thoroughly. This can make all the difference. You can buy ACV in any supermarket and it is very cheap!


  • If the Apple Cider Vinegar trick does not work try starting your hair wash with Bicarbonate of Soda. Mix a tablespoon of Bicarb in a cup of warm water, wet your hair, massage this mixture through your hair, BEFORE rinsing off apply your bar and then wash as normal twice. No need for Vinegar rinse. The Bicarb trick often works best in hard water areas.


  • These tricks can take a few goes to balance out the hair and scalp so try to have a little patience, it will be worth it to ditch the plastic bottles. Ayt this period of time if length of hair allows a pony tail can be your best friend!


We hope this helps and please see our full article if you would like to read more about this transitional paeriod, and about our bars