Why We Don't Make Samples
We often get asked if we make sample sizes and so I thought I would write a post about this. There are a few reasons why we don't do sample sizes and often customers don't realise with handmade items that it is not as simple as it seems.
- We don't do sample sizes as we have a lot of products and are limited for both time and space.
- Our products are all plastic free and are in specific packaging for that purpose and to find this plastic free packaging in very small sizes is difficult and also wasteful, we don't like to produce / send out more packaging than necessary. But to try to find tiny aluminium bottles and tiny compostable bags would be a mission and add more waste to the world which we don't want.
- Our oil based products like our Deodorant Bars and Moisturiser Bars have to be in certain packaging and can't just be sent out wrapped in paper.
- We'd have to have a whole new miniature range of ingredient and product labels made for all products, costly and we don't have the storage capacity for extra labels.
- Different customers would want different products in samples so we'd have to have a sample range of everything, which is a lot, we currently have for sale about 70 separate handmade products.
- Our recipes are measured and weighed precisely and exactly to fit into certain size moulds too and this is not easy to change even if it is for a one off sample request.
Instead we hope that customers can rely on our reviews from other customers for assistance. Thank you for taking the time to read ❤
May 07, 2021 — Dawn Rhodes