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Soap on a Rope, on biodegradable jute rope

Soap / shampoo or pumice soap bar on a biodegradable Jute rope. Choose your bar from the selection below.

When washing in the shower or bath pop the rope around your wrist to stop the soap from travelling off! Never lose your slippery soap in the water again :)

  • Soap on a rope can last longer due to being able to 'hang free' after use and not laying in water. Hang your soaps up to allow them to air dry between uses.
  • Soap on a rope is handy for people who may be physically unable to bend much in the shower, it lessens the opportunity to drop the soap.
  • Your soap will come on tied rope which is long enough to place around the wrist.
  • The Good Soap soap on a rope are a safe length for children to use.
  • Soap bars are 95g in weight

The rope we use is made from Jute rope, which is a natural fibre made from Jute plants, which are commonly grown in the continents of Asia and Africa, it is completely natural plant material therefore is biodegradable.

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