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The Good Soap

Jasmine, Juniper and Orange Soap / Shampoo Bar

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A flowery, fruity scent wrapped up in a soap and shampoo bar

Three beautiful scented essential oils combine in this skin balm to help you care for your skin. The evocative tropical scent of jasmine, with the fresh citrus of orange combined with juniper berry oil is the perfect flowery scent.

Good for:

  • Hair, skin and body
  • All hair types
  • All skin types

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Juniper Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil

Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Ricebranate, Sodium Sunflowerseedate, Sodium Castorate, Jasminum Officinale, Oleum Juniperi, Citrus Sinensis

Contains natural allergens: Citral, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate