The Good Soap

Dead Sea Mud and Rosemary Oil Shampoo / Soap Bar


What can this bar do for you?

Good For:

  • Suitable for hair, face and body
  • All hair types and good for greasy hair
  • Can help minimise hair fall
  • Helps keep hair supple and strong
  • All skin / hair types types
  • Full of minerals for skin health
  • Can make skin more elastic

This bar has a lovely gentle smell of rosemary oil. Rosemary can help protect skin from environmental damage and is antioxident. Also great for strengthening hair follicles.

Your bar will have pattern variations in it, it's only the mud!

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Dead Sea Mineral Mud, Rosemary Oil

Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Ricebranate, Sodium Sunflowerseedate, Sodium Castorate, Sea Silt, Rosmarinas Officinalis 

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