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How to use your unique Good Soap products

Some of our Good Soap products may be unique to you and it may be your first time of using this type of product. From our moisturiser bars to our deodorant bars and our tinned skin balms, this may be the first time you use these type of products in this format. Please browse this page to learn more about how to use and store these plastic free products. See also a demo of how effective our natural cleansers are.

Moisturiser Bars

Watch video or follow link to read more about this product

A solid block of oil and butter to nourish and moisturise your skin. Simply rub the bar on your skin and the warmth of your body will melt just enough moisturiser to do the job!

Deodorant Bars

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Simply rub the bar into your armpits, no need to wet it first, enough product will melt onto your skin to keep you proteced from wiffs and wetness!



Watch the video to see how effective our natural cleanser is

Just wet a cotton wool pad or one of our cotton pads and add a little cleanser, your make up will melt off, including waterproof mascara!


Tinned Skin Balms

Watch the video to see how to use your moisturiser balm

Simply rub the surface of the balm, like you would a lip balm and use sparingly on face and body. See how effectively make up goes over the top of balm!