Using your Solid Moisturiser

How to use your solid moisturiser bar

We are so used to squirting out liquid lotion into our hands or scooping body butter that it may feel a bit unusual to receive moisturiser in a solid block. All you need to do is place it on your skin and it will melt to the warmth of your skin. You won't get a thick layer, you don't need it. Just smooth the bar over your skin and it will leave moisture and scent behind. 

The Good Soap solid moisturiser bar

I advise keeping your bar on a little saucer or soap dish or in a tin. Please don't keep it anywhere too warm or it will melt. Bars are suitable for body and face. As with all Good Soap products your moisturiser bar is chemical free and artificial fragrance free. They are suitable for children too.

This bar is wrapped in a compostable bag. It can be put in your food recycling bin, in your compost heap or in your normal bin. When your bar arrives you can remove it from the bag and store it where you choose.

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