Using Your Deodorant

Using Your Solid Deodorant 

Weight 90g

If you have not used a solid deodorant bar before it’s pretty much just the same as using a roll on. Hold the bar and rub the top edge into your armpit – simple.

It may drag slightly more to begin with than a roll on but hey, we are saving the planet, we can live with a slight drag ;) The top will round off after a couple of uses and mould to your shape as in the picture.

The Good Soap deodorant bar curved after use

Wherever you choose to keep it I recommend placing it on a little bowl or soap dish, just to protect your surfaces. If you need to take it out, to the gym or on holiday for example, pop it in one of our tins

Try not to get your bar too warm, after all it is a solid block of butters and a wax so it will melt in heat.

This is not an antiperspirant, which can only be made by using chemicals, so you may still sweat a little – it’s just hopefully you will still smell sweet.

Your bar is wrapped in a 100% compostable bag. You can dispose of it in your food waste, compost heap or in your rubbish bag. This product is suitable for vegans. 

Let's Get Fresh Tinned Deodorant

Weight 90g

Rub the surface of your deodorant until it warms slightly, you can then apply the deodorant as you would apply a cream or a balm. 

Let's Get Fresh comes in a choice of bicarb and bicarb free versions. This is because a small number of people can have a sensitivity to bicarbonate of soda. It is just a slight skin irritation that can cause redness or itching. Bicarb bars are slightly stronger than the none bicarb version. 

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