The Good Cleanser Launch

The Good Cleanser Launch

The Good Cleanser Launch

We have just launched our new Facial Cleanser range. Since introducing new skin care products to The Good Soap I think cleansers are the product that I have been asked for by customers the most often. And so they are now available but it's been a long process bringing them to market with 4 months of development inactivity in the middle due to national lockdown. The printing company supplying our specialist labels closed down completely for the lockdown and so I had to wait. 

At the beginning of January this year I started to play with my recipe for a range of cleansers because the first thing I do when I start to develop is play!

Developing Good Soap Cleansers

  • I knew I wanted a cleanser that was all natural like all of our other products.
  • I wanted a product that could take all make up off, including waterproof make up, and to be able to be used on the eye area.
  • I never want to use ingredients that are tested on animals and non of our final product is ever tested on animals either.
  • The packaging had to be plastic free so I needed to find a non plastic bottle that was suitable for an oily liquid. Aluminium was the answer.
  • The label had to be waterproof, oil proof, steam proof but eco friendly so recyclable and also biodegradable.

After playing around with a few oil blends and testing them on myself and close friends to remove make up, and to see how skin felt afterwards, I settled on a recipe that I was happy with. The next stage then was to submit recipes for safety testing - each individual recipe  / flavour needs to hold it's own individual CPSR - a cosmetic product safety report. This process in itself can take a few weeks to come back from the company who are doing the assessments. Once recipes were approved and certificates were received I could then start working on packaging and get on with designing the labels with our designer.

I am lucky enough to work with an amazing graphic designer, Rachel from Starfish Design in Llandudno (link to her FB page below) who understands my needs and who has produced all of our packaging designs, and she set to work on designing the look of the cleanser labels. This time she had an extra task - to find the right label whilst making sure it was recyclable and / or biodegradable, but that would stand up to oil spills and getting wet. Our usual local printing company who do all of our other packaging didn't have any suitable material to use for this unique label and so Rachel went through a process of research for me, ordering samples to inspect quality and dunking them in water and oil to make sure they were up to the job as well as being also eco friendly. All good, she found the right company - and then boom lockdown happened!! The specialist printers closed down which halted the launch in it's tracks for 3 months.

Once restrictions were lifted slightly we were able to get our labels printed and delivered and our aluminium bottles delivered, and then Gemma and I set to work hand labeling the aluminium bottles ready for filling. I then made up a few of each batch to get in the swing of things and then trained Michelle in the method and she has made further batches for the shelves. Products are batched as they are made and logged in our PIF book our product information file, where we keep batch numbers, product ingredients, legals etc.

In the meantime I wrote the website pages for the products and took photographs for the website and for promotion. Then comes the launch day which is always quite exciting - but then I have a nerve wracking period of time waiting to find out if customers have loved the product and if it works as they had hoped!!



You can find our Facial Cleansers here 

You can find our amazing designer here



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