Sunflower oil shortage and it's impact

Sunflower oil shortage and it's impact

Due to the war in Ukraine there is a shortage of Sunflower Oil and a massive price rise where available.

We use sunflower in all of our soap / shampoo bar recipes, it is a great oil in soap bars, chosen especially for it's conditioning properties, for making small bubbles, a creamy lather and a silky feel to soap.

When you build a recipe for soap the oils are finely balanced and so not easily transferable - for example where Rapeseed Oil is a good alternative in food making and cookery it is not the same in our soap recipe, it makes a much softer bar. We worked hard here at The Good Soap to finely tune our soap recipe to how we want it so they are long lasting, therefore in turn more economical for the customer.
The current world climate is affecting us all and we are having to make decisions about what we keep in stock. This means we are having to make decisions about what bars to keep in stock at the moment and unfortunately this means that some of our lesser popular soap bars may leave us.
The other issue we have is that our soap recipes are all certified and to make any changes to the recipes the certificates have to be redone, which is a lengthy and expensive process. We believe the best course of action is to maybe lose a few of our least popular soap bars, in order to be able to keep selling our most popular ones.
We are not Lush, or The Body Shop, or Amazon, huge businesses with millions of pounds behind them, we are a small home run business wanting to keep producing the best quality natural products that we can, lessen the impact of plastic on the planet, and in turn keeping the three of us in employment. Thanks for reading and for your support as always, Dawn and Team
by Dawn Rhodes
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