New Products and Getting Ready For Christmas

New Products and Getting Ready For Christmas

It seems to have been a long time in planning but we have finally launched our new stock, and that new stock includes lots of yummy Christmas 'flavoured' products amongst beautiful every day flavours too.

When designing a new product I decide what I would like to make, I research by experimenting in the kitchen, with small batches, until I settle on something I like. And then the next process is to submit new recipes for safety certification. Once all of the legals are complete then the items are ready to launch.

I have to admit to feeling nervous when sending out new ranges - I was so nervous when I launched our deodorants in January, until the feedback started coming in and then I was so happy to see that you loved them too.

This time I will be nervous waiting for feedback from the new Moisturising Skin Balms. I know that myself and my team who have tested them love them - including our male partners! But it's still nerve wracking waiting to see what customers think. It means a lot to me that customers enjoy the products, that they help a customers skin care - the more the products are enjoyed the more customers will return, therefore cutting down on all of those plastic bottles and pots. 

We have also launched a new range of 6 lip balms, 5 of those are vegan friendly so lots of choice for all. 

I finally bowed to public pressure and have started to sell mini sample boxes of soap / shampoo bars - I can't tell you how often I have been asked for these. 

I think I'll leave this post here for now, coming soon on the blog will be a demonstration video of how to use your skin balm. Thank you for reading :)


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Thank you Tracy-Louise xxx

The Good Soap

I am loving the hair soap and was very excited to be able to order the lip balm and skin balm first thing yesterday morning (thought I would get in before the rush!)
These are simply lovely products to use and I am so pleased that I luckily wandered across you by chance.
Thanks for all of the amazing things that you make.


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