The Good Soap Cocoa Butter and Rose Solid Moisturiser Bar

How To Use A Good Soap Solid Moisturiser Bar

Get the most out of your Good Soap Moisturiser Bar

When you recieve your Good Soap Moisturiser Bar it will be contained in a compostable bag. We are so used to squirting out liquid lotion into our hands or scooping body butter that it may feel a bit unusual to receive moisturiser in a bag. Once you unwrap your bar it is 'naked' and the bag is suitable for composting, your bar is now packaging free. Simply store it in a storage tin or on a soap dish or saucer. Please don't keep it anywhere too warm (such as next to a radiator) or it will melt and due to it's oil based ingredients don't store on wood or it may mark the surface. During hot weather it's lovely to keep the bars in the fridge and then they are cooling when applied to the skin.

How do I apply my solid moisturiser bar? What next for this little block of goodness?

It couldn't be simpler to use the bar, all you need to do is place it on the area you would like to moisturise and it will melt to the warmth of your skin. You won't get a thick layer, you don't need it. Just smooth the bar over the area and it will leave the perfect amount on your skin to keep you soft, or to treat any very dry patches, and will leave it's gorgeous scent behind too. Because of their natural ingredients these bars are all suitable for use on face and body, and are also perfect for children. We make a Foot Balm Bar, with specially selected ingredients for the skin on your feet, especially good for dry heels, and we also make a Hand Moisturiser Bar, with ingredients designed to soak into your hands quickly.

So how do we make our solid moisturiser bars?

As with all Good Soap products your moisturiser bar is chemical free and artificial fragrance free the only scent you will get will be of the yummy combination of carefully chosen ingredients. When we develop a recipe we work to make sure the product works and smells just as we hope it will. As with all of our products the recipe is then submitted to be tested in order to receive it's safety report, a CPSR, a Cosmetic Product Saftey Report. 

Once all steps have been completed we can make your moisturiser bar. Ingredients are weighed, melted, magic happens, they are set in moulds and then once set are wrapped in their little bags and labelled, ready for their new home, with you :)

by Dawn Rhodes


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