Hand Washing

Hand Washing

Using your Good Soap bar for hand washing

I often get asked if The Good Soap Shampoo / Soap bars are suitable for hand washing and yes, of course they are. 

Good hand hygiene is always important of course but currently with the spread of Coronavirus it is more important than ever to wash our hands thoroughly and effectively to protect ourselves and others. Using a bar soap is easily as effective a liquid detergent soap, and without the additions of chemicals and the plastic container. You can share a bar of soap with your family as the virus cannot live on soap so cannot be passed on in this way.

All houses have more than one sink - bathroom and kitchen and then there can be the addition of second loo, ensuites etc. If you have more than one sink it is possible to easily cut The Good Soap bars in half with a sharp knife. This cuts down on the need for full sized bars at all of your sinks. 

The Good Soap bars contain no hardeners or preservatives (the soap naturally preserves itself) and so your skin gets only the effectiveness of the cleansing action of the soap and the nourishment of the base oils and any essential oils. This helps keep your skin in good condition even with extra hand washing. 

To make your bars last for longer make sure they are kept as dry as possible in between uses, so on a slatted or grooved dish to let the air flow around them.

Tip - small soap bars are easier for small hands to hold so will be easier for a toddler and kids to use. A bar of soap can be easier for little ones to use too than a pump. And of course, this is a plastic free kind to the planet way of keeping clean!

Simply washing your hands, wrists and between fingers for 20 seconds minimum is an effective way to kill off the virus - if you are looking for a particular Good Soap bar which contains an anti viral oil too then try our Tea Tree and Peppermint Soap bar or Tea Tree and Peppermint Salt Soap as both Tea Tree and Peppermint Essential Oils are antiviral. 


 By Dawn Rhodes


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