Activated Charcoal as a hair and skincare ingredient

Activated Charcoal as a skin and hair care ingredient

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated Charcoal is charcoal that becomes activated once it is heated in the presence of a gas. The charcoal can be made from wood, peat, coal or coconut shells. Think about a kernel of corn when it is heated to become pop corn - the surface area becomes much larger. That is what makes the the charcoal 'activated' when heated, therefore far more able to adsorb toxins and oils. Why adsorb and not absorb? The difference is that activated charcoal grips toxins etc onto it's surface, it doesn't absorb (there's the science bit!).

Why use Activated Charcoal in skincare products?

Activated Charcoal grips onto dirt and toxins from the skin. It grabs excess oils too which helps balance skin, preventing the skin from becoming too oily and creating blemishes and spots. If you already have blemished skin then using a soap containing activated charcoal can help improve the condition of the skin. Washing the face, shoulders, back etc with soap containing activated charcoal can be particularly beneficial for teenage skin when production of oil is at a high point due to hormonal changes. 

Why use Activated Charcoal in a shampoo bar?

When used in a shampoo bar the activated charcoal can improve the condition of the scalp, by drawing excess oils away from the scalp. This prevents the build up of dandruff and in turn keeps the hair from getting greasy promoting sleek glossy hair, naturally. You can find our beautiful Soap / Shampoo Bar above the article.

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