About The Good Soap Solid Deodorants - includes demo video

About The Good Soap Solid Deodorants - includes demo video

How To Use Your Good Soap Solid Deodorants

Our Good Soap deodorant bars offer you a chemical and plastic free alternative to roll ons and aerosols - they are kind to the planet and kind to your skin, whilst working effectivly to keep your dry and smelling sweet. We offer our deodorants in 5 different scents:

Apply the bar like a roll on buy putting it directly into the arm pit and rubbing it on, it's as simple as that.

The bars are made from a carefully chosen combination of butters and wax, for smoothness during application, for solidity and for deodorising. Added to this are arrowroot powder to deodorise and for dryness, and essential oil combinations for antibacterial properties. (+bicarb in bicarb version). The deodorants have been designed to make sure they don't stain or mark clothing when reacting with sweat.

The Good Soap deodorants come in a version which contains bicarbonate of soda and a version without bicarbonate of soda. This is for anyone who may experience a slight irritation to bicarb, which can occasionally happen. Both bicarb and bicarb free versions seem to be as effective as each other. 

Although The Good Soap deodorants are not an antiperspirant, which is made by chemical means to stop sweat, they do absorb sweat - the arrowroot content in the bar does this job very effectively. 

Watch our video to see how to apply and store:


You can find The Good Soap range of deodorants here 


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