About The Good Soap Moisturiser Bars - includes demo video

About The Good Soap Moisturiser Bars - includes demo video

The Good Soap Moisturiser Bars

See bottom of article for demo video.

Here at The Good Soap we started out by making soap and shampoo bars to replace plastic bottles of shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, shower gels . As a little time went along we decided to see what other products we could make solid and from natural ingredients, and so we began by developing our deodorant bars. These were an instant success and so it led us on to developing the recipes for our moisturiser bars. Since starting to sell our moisturiser bars we have sold 1000's of them, and customers keep coming back to reorder time and time again, either reordering their favourite or working their way through the whole range!

The Good Soap Moisturiser Bars are a solid block of moisturiser made from a combination of wax, butters and oils. They contain no artificial ingredients and are held together in solid form by the hardness of beeswax. Finding environmentally friendly, plastic free packaging for these unique products was quite tricky, with it being an oil based product any paper or cardboard packaging will absorb the oils and makes a thorough mess! After lots of trial and error we settled on compostable bags which are not only oil proof but are 100% compostable, leaving no trace. 

Our Moisturiser Bars are quite different to how most people are used to buying and applying moisturiser, and customers can sometimes be a little unsure of how to use them and store them. Once unwrapped they can simply be left on a little dish or plate, or in a tin, it's as simple as that. Because they are oil based they shouldn't be left directly on a surface as they can leave a mark, like any moisturiser would. The moisturiser bar can be used on hands, face and body - all over as you choose. To use simply rub the bar on the skin gently. We have added lots of scents to our range, and use oils and butters that greatly benefit the condition of the skin. Ingredients of individual bars are underneath each product on our website. 

The frequent amazing feedback that we get about these bars delights us and are always happy to hear when they have helped customers with eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. We make no specific claims about our products only to say that they are natural and plastic free, all information we have about benefits to skin come directly from our customers through 100s of messages received, and you can see individual product reviews left by customers on The Good Soap website. You can see our range of moisturiser bars here.




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