About Solid Deodorant Bars and How To Use Them

About Solid Deodorant Bars and How To Use Them

How to use your Good Soap solid deodorant bar

Many consumers are turning away from traditional ways of using a deodorant, such as an aerosol or roll on, and are looking for more natural ways of keeping fresh and dry, and for products with less packaging. We've been making our cruelty free and vegan friendly solid deodorant bars here at The Good Soap now for about 4 years and they are as popular as ever, and growing in popularity.

So what are the benefits of using a Good Soap solid block of deodorant?

  • Our bars come in compostable packaging, so the bag it comes in and it's label are fully compostable. 
  • The Good Soap deodorant bars, like all of our products, are made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • They are easy to travel with and take out and about (gym etc), just use a little storage tin and away you go!
  • These bars won't stain your clothes or irritate your skin, we make bicarbonate of soda version for very sensitive skin.
The Good Soap Solid Deodorant Bar

How do they work?

You may wonder how a natural product can work to keep you fresh and dry, what are the active ingredients? First of all it's worth explaining that the block is made of Cocoa Butter, Soy Wax and Shea Butter to keep it firm but make it soft enough to melt into your armpit. We add a little Vitamin E oil to help care for the skin too. So now you know how it holds up, but how does it work?


  • Cocoa Butter works as a natural deodoriser
  • Essential oils neutralise smells by killing bacteria in perspiration, making sure you stay smelling sweet
  • Arrowroot absorbs liquid, keeping you dry as you sweat
  • Bicarbonate of soda also neutralises any unwanted scents
  • Shea butter and vitamin e oil help keep the skin in your armpits in good condition and soothed
How do I apply and store my deodorant bar?

To use your bar all you need to do it rub the top edge into each armpit, in time it will 'round' to fit better. There is no need to wet the bar or your armpit but of course the product is best used on clean washed pits!

Once unwrapped we recommend you keep your bar on a dish or in a storage tin. Don't keep it anywhere too hot (such as right by a radiator or in direct sun) as it will melt but any normal temperature room is fine. It's an oil based product so don't store on wood or it will mark the surface over time. 

by Dawn Rhodes



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